Sir Ken Robinson: How schools kill creativity!

04.12.2014 16:55
Sir Ken Robinson makes an entertaining and profoundly moving case for creating an education system that nurtures (rather than undermines) creativity. Sourse Link to Ted Talk  

Hur man gör sitt eget silvervatten

10.11.2014 17:36
Silver är ett effektivt antimikrobiellt instrument som neutraliserar encelliga bakterier, svampar och virus - och har kallats för naturens eget "antibiotika". Här är två andra länkar till information om "Kolloidalt Silver", och Kolloidalt silver - funktion och erfarenheter Vad som är viktigt!, är...

Läkemedelsindustrin - träffande humor med galenskaparna

10.11.2014 17:18
Galenskaparna gör en sketch som visar på korruptionen inom läkemedelsindustrin.

Link Between Vitamin D Deficiency and Dementia Confirmed

06.11.2014 16:18
The authors concluded that: “Our results confirm that vitamin D deficiency is associated with a substantially increased risk of all-cause dementia and Alzheimer disease. This adds to the ongoing debate about the role of vitamin D in nonskeletal conditions.” Link To Full Article[Here]  

Youngevity Supplement Info

06.11.2014 16:06
First of all Here is a list from Dr. Glidden called:"Good Food/Bad Food List", with a video called:"Against the Grain" that is key to try and follow for best results!. Also see: Understanding the "10 Bad Foods" - with Dr. Glidden(Video) Dr. Peter Glidden: is an outspoken advocate of Wholistic...

Youngevity International (YGYI) Announces Official Grand Opening in Russia

06.11.2014 15:30
San Diego, CA – November 5, 2014 – Youngevity International, Inc. (OTCQX: YGYI) (, a global direct marketer of nutritional and lifestyle products and also a vertically-integrated producer of gourmet coffees for the commercial, retail and direct sales channels, announced the grand...

Understanding the "10 Bad Foods" - with Dr. Glidden

31.10.2014 09:55
Below are recommendations from Dr. Joel Wallach and Dr. Peter Glidden that everybody must ELIMINATE from their diet. 10 BAD FOODS:                                          ...

Click here to visit Free Speech Systems, LLC

02.09.2014 19:00
Infowars Life Store!

Webbsidan Youngevity Sweden har lanserats

02.07.2014 09:18
Vår nya webbsida lanserades idag!.

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