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06.11.2014 16:06

First of all Here is a list from Dr. Glidden called:"Good Food/Bad Food List", with a video

called:"Against the Grain" that is key to try and follow for best results!.

Also see: Understanding the "10 Bad Foods" - with Dr. Glidden(Video)

Dr. Peter Glidden: is an outspoken advocate of Wholistic Health. For more than two decades, he has been treating people with Naturopathic therapeutics

including Homeopathy, Heavy Metal Chelation, Herbal Medicine and Bio-identical Hormone Supplementation.

For more information, go to his Podcast HERE!, his Blog HERE!, or his Youtube Channel HERE!. You can click the tags to the right or search in the search box for different issues/problems you want to know more about in there and then contact us to get hold of the recommended products!


Dr. Joel Wallach: To much text to post so have a look at About Dr. Wallach for a lot of information about him and all his great work. And he also have a

Radio Program called Dead Doctors Don't Lie where he gives recommendations just like Dr. Glidden where you also can search for issues you need help with.

When you search on these websites and use the english name for the condition/issue or problem you need help with.. podcasts, articles or videos where Dr Glidden or Dr Wallach have been recommending other people on what Youngevity Supplements to take will show up!.

So you can listen to what Youngevity Supplement Programs that was recommended to them and contact us to get hold of the recommended products!


The Tom Chenault Show: formerly the Home Based Business Radio Show has moved to Sunday’s 3:00 PM (EST). It is bigger and better as we have expanded our programing to two full hours of motivation, personal development and home based business. This is the highlight of Tom’s week! He gets to interview the “Who’s Who” of personal development, motivation and residual income. He believes in interviewing people, not companies. Every show is dedicated to showing the world that opportunity is living within each of us and his goal is to show people there is far more to life than that 9 to 5 JOB so many people are hostage to. There is an archive to former shows as well. Then contact us to get hold of the recommended products!


Pharmacist Ben Fuchs: is a nutritional pharmacist from Boulder Colorado & host of The Bright Side, a syndicated radio program on the GCN Radio Network

that also provides a lot of valuable Youngevity information and there is an archive to older programs as well but you might need to select The Bright Side

program and type a date and then contact us to get hold of the recommended products!




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